2021 GAMA Christmas – PROGRAM RULES

GAMA is committed to having an entertaining Christmas celebration for our community every year in Austin. GAMA will try our best to accommodate as many requests as possible from the community for participating in stage programs to showcase your amazing and unique talent on the big stage. In order to manage it smoothly, GAMA board has come up with the guidelines below, based on our past experience in handling your requests.  We appreciate your understanding and support in implementing these rules to have a smooth execution of Christmas 2021!

1. Registration will open on Tuesday, November 9nd 2021 and will close on Sunday,
November 25th 2021.

2. Each program request will be evaluated based on content, theme, number of participants,
duration and the quality of the item.

3. Only group performances will be allowed.

4. Minimum of 4 performing participants will be required per group performance.

5. The minimum age for participants will be 5 years (as of November 1st, 2021).

6. The below guidelines must be followed for the maximum allowed time for the programs

in various categories:
• Group Dance: 6 minutes
• Group Song: 5 minutes
• Skit/Other: 10 minutes

7. Participants are required to submit a detailed description about the program as part of the
registration process.

8. Once the registration is submitted, GAMA Program Team will send an acknowledgement
to the registrant. This acknowledgement does not guarantee the selection of the program.

9. If there are a greater number of entries, the slots will be filled through a random drawing
process from the registrations that meet the Christmas program guidelines.

10. If your program is shortlisted, GAMA Program Team will contact you via email with
further steps in the registration process. At this time, GAMA Program Team may request
additional information (audio/video/other details) if necessary. Shortlisting doesn’t
guarantee the selection of the program.

11. After necessary verifications, GAMA Program Team will send a separate email
confirmation to the program registrant to inform if their program has been selected or not.
This selection is conditional pending receipt of the final audio/video/other files.

12. For selected programs, GAMA will communicate the deadline for audio file submission
to the program registrant. No change of MP3 audio or song will be entertained after the
deadline. The program committee has the right to request video clips of your program, if
necessary, for further evaluation. Please provide good quality audio tracks, as GAMA
will not be responsible for any sound quality issues.

13. For the selected programs, GAMA will collect a confirmation deposit of $100/- for each
program, payable through a check to “Greater Austin Malayalee Association”. Failure to
report on time or last-minute cancellations or non-compliance with the rules will result in
forfeit of the deposit and will be considered as a donation to GAMA. The checks will be
disposed of safely after the event to avoid deciphering any personally sensitive

14. The maximum number of programs (excluding Prayer/National Anthem) for a participant
will be one, in order to give a fair chance for everyone.

15. In order to be impartial, the program schedule will be done at the discretion of the
GAMA Program Team. Requests for specific slots or changes to the assigned slots will
not be entertained.

16. The name of the choreographer given at the time of confirmation cannot be changed later.

17. Venue-specific safety measures will have to be followed by everyone.

18. Participants will be responsible for ensuring that they do not cause any loss or damages to
goods or properties or parts of the venue. Participants will be fully liable for any injuries
caused to themselves or the accompanying people, any loss, and damages to goods or
properties or parts of the venue caused by the participants or accompanying people.

19. Emcees for Christmas 2021 program will not be able to participate in any event.

20. It is illegal to stream, broadcast, or publish GAMA related content/materials on TV
channels/Internet/any other media for profit without the written consent from GAMA

21. Decision of the GAMA Christmas Program Team is final.

22. ALL participants must have ACTIVE GAMA membership. Membership status will be validated by the GAMA board before confirming the selection of the entry.



Registration Open Date/Time 9 November 2021
Registration Close Date/Time 25 November 2021
Program Confirmation Email On/Before 30 November 2021
Audio File Submission 04 December 2021

Looking forward to working with you to make GAMA Christmas 2021 a grand success!

For any questions or concerns please email to christmas@gama.ngo