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പൂവിളി പൂവിളി പൊന്നോണമായി..
നീ വരൂ നീ വരൂ പൊന്നോണത്തുമ്പി…

GAMA is excited to bring to you the much awaited GAMA Onam celebrations – Ponnonnam ’22 on Sep 10th, 2022 at Westlake Performing Arts Center.

This year’s onam will be both a culinary feast as well as a visual and cultural feast – with a wide range of exciting cultural programs from the community, celebrity performances and a delicious Onam Sadya.

The event starts at 2.30 pm with a grand inauguration, celebrity performances, cultural events followed by the Onasadya.

Tickets are available for two categories :
Kids (Age: 6 to 12)
Adults (Age: 12+)

Ticket Rates:

Kids(6-12) Adults(12+)
Members 22$ 25$
Non-Members 25$ 28$


Hurry and book your tickets now since we only have limited seats available for this special event!.


Westlake Community Performing Arts Center
4100 Westbank Dr, Austin, TX 78746