Come join the Republic day celebration with GAMA on Jan 28th 2023. We have planned a variety of activities to bring out the essence of Patriotism in our children , youth and communities . Below are the list of activities we invite registrations for:

Program Guidelines


  1. Bring in any thing made from waste to show case ( Recycle from your kitchen, backyard, or garage)
  2. Use any thing environment friendly and make items
  3. Items with Patriotic themes preferred ( chakra , flag etc)
  4. Let your imaginations fly to showcase India


  1. Quiz will be conducted in person.
  2. The questions will be based on Republic day/India and Patriotism.
  3. We will be using an online quiz app that can be downloaded easily.


  1. Dress up in your favorite freedom fighter’s or National leader’s costume
  2. Introduce your character with a slogan
  3. Don’t use masks to cover up your face
  4. May use props
  5. 1 to 1.5 mins on stage to present their costume and say a few words about their costume.
  6. No background music allowed