GAMA Merit Scholarship 2023

Our GOAL is to provide an Academic Scholarship grant to eligible student(s) of Greater Austin Malayalee community towards their college expenses.
To be eligible to apply – The parent/applicant should be an active GAMA member as of October 1, 2023
Eligible candidate(s) will be identified by an external group of educators.

Students who are ..

  • High School Seniors of the graduating class and starting college in the next school year.
  • Current College students continuing their current course next school year.
  • Current College students applying for a new course next school year.
  • College refers to graduate/undergraduate, programs at a recognized university or community college, or trade school.
  • Applicants must be registered for a full-time course.

Scholarship Amount And Awardees

  • The scholarship grant amount per individual candidate can range from $1000 to $2500 in a calendar year.
  • Each year the number of recipients shall be decided by that year’s governing GAMA board.
  • An applicant will be awarded the GAMA scholarship at most 1 time.

Selection: Some salient features

    • All applications will be first screened for eligibility.
    • Only applications that meet the eligibility criteria will be reviewed by the independent Selection Panel.
    • The panel will shortlist a set of applications and then rank them according to the provided rubric.
    • Candidates may be disqualified by the review panel for not meeting a minimum standard or criteria.
    • The maximum number of short-listed applicants will be subject to the maximum allowable awardees decided by the GAMA board.
    • A candidate must apply every year to be considered for the scholarship program in that year.
    • Selection criteria will be different for freshman-year applicants vs. students continuing their college programs.

              Selection criteria

      • Must be a member of a family that has an active GAMA membership as of October 1, 2023
      • Parents must have roots and/or hail from Kerala. Applicants should provide proof if requested by GAMA.
      • Must reside within the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area. Valid proof of address must be provided.
      • Selection will be on a merit basis.
      • GYG volunteer directors have an added advantage (only applicable for freshmen)
      • Parents should not be on the GAMA 2023 Board of Directors.

Scholarship Disbursement

  • The scholarship grant award will be disbursed to the selected awardees by September 15 of the subsequent year.
  • This shall be done provided the awardee submits proof of enrollment/admission into the eligible program listed earlier.
  • The onus is on the awardee to provide the requisite proof prior to the disbursement date.
  • Non-submission of the requisite documents by the cut-off date shall result in forfeiture of the grant.

If Interested  please Email below details to [email protected] by 15th October 2023.

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Applicant’s email id
  • Applicant’s contact number
  • Name of the parent 
  • Parent email id
  • Been a GAMA member since
  • Current Grade

Eligible participants will be contacted by GAMA requesting additional documentation.

Email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.