GAMA Merit Scholarship

You must submit your materials through the GAMA’s on-line application system. This page offers guidance in completing your application.  Click on the ‘Register’ button below to begin. The completed application form and supporting documents should be sent to GAMA by Nov 15, 2020.
Our GOAL is to provide an Academic/Merit based Scholarship grant to eligible student(s) of Greater Austin Malayalee community towards their college expenses.
To be eligible to apply – The parent/applicant should be an active GAMA member as on November 1, 2020
Eligible candidate(s) will be identified by an external group of Evaluators.

Who Can Apply

Who Can Apply


GYG is a forum for children of malayalee community who are in middle school or high school. there are no prerequisites to join, other than an enthusiastic, energetic attitude and willingness to work and be a team player!


  • Applicants should have a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0
  • High School Seniors of the graduating class and starting college in the next school year
  • Current College students continuing their current course next school year
  • Current College students applying for a new course next school year
  • College refers to graduate/under-graduate, programs at a recognized university or community college or trade-school
  • Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time student.
  • Part-time enrollment, certificate programs do not qualify
  • Must be a member of a family that has an active GAMA membership as of November 1, 2020
  • Parents must have roots and/or hail from Kerala. Applicants should provide proof, if requested by GAMA.
  • Must reside within a 25-mile radius of Austin in its surrounding cities including Round Rock, Cedar Park, Lakeway, Leander, Pflugerville, Manor,
    Kyle, Dripping Springs. Valid proof of
  • address must be provided.


Scholarship Amount And Awardees

  • The scholarship grant amount per individual candidate can range from $1000 to $2500 in a calendar year
  • In a Given Year the number of recipients shall be decided by that year’s GAMA board
  • An applicant can be awarded the GAMA scholarship at most 1 time


Some Salient Features


  • All applications will be first screened for eligibility
  • Only applications that meet the eligibility criteria will be reviewed by the Independent Selection Panel.
  • The panel will short list a set of applications and then rank them according to the provided rubric.
  • Candidates may be disqualified by the review panel for not meeting a minimum standard or criteria
  • The maximum number of applicants that will be shortlisted will be subject to the max allowable awardees which is decided by the GAMA board
  • A candidate must apply for the current year to be considered for the scholarship program for that year.
  • Selection criteria will be different for new freshman year applicants vs students continuing their college programs.
  • Selection criteria
    • Selection will be on merit basis.
    • GYG volunteer directors have an added advantage (only applicable for freshman.
    • GPA
    • Education Level (High School / Graduate etc)
    • Community Involvement (e.g volunteer activities, club memberships etc)
    • Sports/Extracurricular Activities
    • Awards received for Community Service
    • References
    • Essay
    • Video – Statement of Purpose

Scholarship Disbursement

  • The scholarship grant award will be disbursed to the selected awardees by September 15th of the subsequent year
  • This shall be done provided the awardee submits proof of enroll/admission into the eligible program listed earlier
  • The onus is on the awardee to provide the requisite proof prior to the disbursement date
  • Non-submission of the requisite documents by the cut-off date shall result in forfeiture of the grant


Application Process And Supporting Documents

  • Applicants should submit a filled and signed application form available on GAMA website.
  • Applicants should upload the below supporting documents along with the application form to a secure file location, details will be sent to the applicant.
    • Transcripts
    • Recommendation Letters – should be sent directly to by the person who is recommending, and the letter should contain the application reference code that you received in email while applying for the GAMA
    • Proof of extracurricular and volunteer activity (max 5)
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Recognitions in Sports and Games
    • Top 5 Recognitions /Certificates/Awards
    • 3 min Video Presentation on why the candidate feels he/she feels they are deserving of GAMA scholarship