GAMA Relief Fund

About the GAMA Relief Fund

GAMA Emergency Relief Fund marks a compassionate endeavor, primarily aimed at providing timely assistance to the members of the Malayalee community in Austin, facing life-threatening emergencies. The emergency relief fund aims to provide financial assistance to community members facing profound life-altering incidents, such as severe accidents or critical illnesses. These circumstances often surpass the coverage of medical insurance or personal funds, necessitating communal support. By addressing these challenges, the fund seeks to alleviate the burdens associated with unexpected crises, fostering a sense of solidarity within the community. Notably, it serves as a seed money to kickstart a community fund or contribute to an existing fund that emphasizes collective contributions to ensure the well-being of our community members in times of need.



  • Recipient should be of Malayalee descent.
  • Recipient should be residing in Greater Austin area.


  • The applicant must provide valid and relevant medical evidence related to the emergency to be considered for assistance.

Board Approval

  • The cause for emergency relief must be presented to the GAMA Board.
  • Approval requires agreement from at least two thirds of the members of the Board of Directors.


  • A detailed message will be sent to the GAMA community, outlining the nature of the cause and sharing relevant documents (while respecting privacy), before releasing the fund. The purpose is to foster transparency and keep the community informed about the fund’s utilization.

Financial Basis

  • A separate account has been created for the GAMA Emergency Relief Fund.
  • The Board of 2023 has initiated the fund with an initial contribution of $5000.
  • The fund should be exclusively used for its intended purpose and not for any other purposes.

Application Process

  • The affected member or their representative submits an email application ([email protected]) along with supporting medical documentation.
  • The application is reviewed by the GAMA Board office bearers and shared with the rest of the board.
  • If approved, the community is informed, and the necessary financial assistance is provided.


  • The fund disbursement will be handled with sensitivity.
  • The amount granted will be determined based on the severity and urgency of the situation.

Fund Management

  • The GAMA Board will oversee the fund management and ensure it is utilized for its intended purpose.
  • Regular updates on the fund status and usage will be provided to the GAMA community.
  • Maximum amount is limited to $1000 per request.

Review and Amendments

  • These guidelines are subject to periodic review, and amendments may be made with the consensus of the GAMA Board to ensure the fund’s effectiveness and relevance. By adhering to these guidelines, the GAMA Emergency Relief Fund aims to be a source of support, solidarity, and assistance during times of critical need within our community.