Six teams will be assigned into two pools of 3 teams each. In the first round, all teams within a pool will play once against each other. After the first round, the top two teams within each pool will advance to the semifinals.


After Round One


Team standings will be based on total points. In case of a tie, the following criteria will be used to break the tie in the order of priority: 


  1. Points (3 points for win, 1 point for draw) 
  2. Goal Differential 
  3. Shut Outs 
  4. Goals Forward 
  5. Record against the top ranked team (applies only if a clear Top ranked team exist within a pool) 
  6. If there are multiple teams tied after the above, then: 
  •  5-5 Penalties will be used to break the tie if only two teams are tied. If the teams are still tied, the tie will be broken by sudden death penalties 
  • If 3 teams are still tied, each team will provide 3 players to a penalty kick pool and then one team will provide a Goalkeeper. The Goalkeeper will be awarded a point for each saved/missed penalty. Team with the most points will advance up. For E.g. If A, B and C are tied, then 3 players from team A & B will take penalties against the Goalkeeper for Team C. Every missed/saved penalty will be counted as a point for Team C. The same procedure will be repeated with Goalkeepers from Team A and B. Team with the most points will advance to the next round.


Draft/Team selections/Targeted timelines:

  • Once registration is complete , the committee will select 6 captains from the pool of registered players. (Registration will close on March 31st)
  • A player drafting event will be conducted by the committee with captains present. (Draft will be conducted during 1st week of April)
  • Practice matches, Team names , Jersey’s etc will be communicated and coordinated by the Captains after the Draft. 


Tournament General Rules / Expectations:
All official FIFA rules with the following exceptions

  • 7 v 7 (Turf Field) – 55-65 x 35-45 yards 
  • Total of 10-14 players (max) allowed on roster 
  • Unlimited substitution
  • 20 min halves with 6 min break
  • No offside rule
  • No slide tackles allowed (slide tackle will be deemed as violent foul)
  • Red cards resulting from physical fights or referee abuse will miss rest of the tournament


Uniforms and Equipment:

  • Each team should adhere to the jersey colour selected. Only bold colour jerseys (no lines or confusing shades and designs allowed) 
  • Shin guards are mandatory for all players. Cleats with metal studs are not allowed. 
  •  Incase where 2 teams have the same jerseys, the away team will select their backup jersey colour. 


Team Responsibilities: 

  •  Teams should be ready at the fields 10 minutes prior to the game time. 
  •  A team may not start a game with fewer than five players 
  •  All teams will be playing the games as assigned in the schedule. 
  •  No Show / Forfeit: 
    • A forfeit result in win points to the opposing team. Forfeits will be recorded as a 3-0 result.
    • Teams are given 15 minutes from scheduled game time, or from delayed start time due to unforeseen circumstances.
    • Team walkout during or prior to a game will result in a forfeit. o Tournament committee makes the final decision on a forfeited Game



Unlimited substitutions (with the referee’s permission) will be allowed at the following times: 

  • after a goal 
  • at the beginning of the second half or at the beginning of an overtime period. 
  • at a goal kick for either team. 
  • at a throw-in
  • at a stoppage of play for an injury on a one-for-one basis for the injured player


Inclement weather:

  •  If inclement weather forces cancellation after at least half of a regulation game has been played, the game shall be considered official and the score at the point of cancellation shall be recorded as the final score. The decision on whether a game will be “cancelled or recommenced” (if the referee agrees to resume play) will be made by the Tournament committee. 
  • If a game must be stopped before halftime, the Tournament committee will rule on its rescheduling or other resolution. Such a game may be temporarily halted or recommenced, picking up where play was halted. 
  • In all cases, the Tournament committee reserves the right to abbreviate or shorten all games in order to adjust to weather or other complications that may occur 


General Conduct:

  • Referee decisions are final. Abuse towards referees will not be tolerated in any case and could lead to expulsion from the tournament. 
  • Players receiving a red card or a total of two yellow cards during the tournament will be ineligible for their team’s next game.
  • The tournament committee reserves the right to suspend or expel any player, coach, or spectator from the tournament for unruly conduct. 
  • The Tournament Committee will have the full authority to make a final decision on the rules and regulations in case of any dispute or protests. 
  • The Tournament Committee will make the decision regarding team disqualification if found to disregard tournament rules and regulations. 
  • Team that disregards any decision made by the tournament committee will be removed from the tournament and forfeit all of its games. 
  • Matters not addressed or provided for in these regulations and cases shall be decided by the tournament committee. All decisions made by the tournament committee shall be final.